Truth and Belief Systems

Truth and Belief Systems

The different types of truth and how they work with our belief systems.

Truth and Belief Systems


I woke up this morning thinking about truth. 

It’s ingrained in us from the time we are children - “tell the truth.”  As a society we rely on people to “tell the truth.”  If you are accused of committing a crime there are machines designed to determine if you are “telling the truth.” Truth is important. The only thing is, if we are in integrity with ourselves we know what is true for us. But what is true for me might very well not be true for you. But it’s still the truth. Someone else might not understand your truth, but it’s still YOUR truth.  

There are different types of truth:

  • Objective Truth is what exists and can be proved in this physicality...

  • Normative Truth is what we, as a collective, agree is true ...

  • Subjective Truth is how the individual sees or experiences the world.

Most of us intuitively understand objective and normative truth.  It’s subjective truth I’m focusing on here because that’s the one that requires us to understand ourselves and other people. When we say “stand in your truth” this is the one we are talking about.  It’s all about how your own experiences have shaped what you believe to be true. 

For example, one of my truths is that eating meat is not good for me. That truth is based on how I have felt after I have eaten it and it is based on a belief system I hold -  that it is not healthy for the planet because of the amount of water needed to feed livestock, the waste pollution involved and the suffering endured by animals in the agricultural industry. The truth I hold revolves around a belief system and once you “believe” one thing then it gives rise to other beliefs you must hold in order to uphold your truth.

When our truth and belief systems come into contradiction with someone else’s, this is where it gets tricky.  We all carry truths that at times conflict with other peoples. I know there are people who do not agree with me. Their truth based on their experience in the world - tells them something else.  

Are either of these truths wrong? No.  One of the reasons I’m talking about this is because we are all currently seeing and experiencing a lot of conflict around us.  I believe a lot of it is that we don’t understand someone else’s truth and respect that.  There are some big issues that as a collective we disagree on. So my question is how can we go forward and harmonize our truths and belief systems? It isn’t an easy answer.  But the thing about personal truths and belief systems is that they can change. And actually as you evolve, many of your own truths and belief systems WILL change. It’s part of our individual and collective growth.  We shouldn’t be expected to necessarily hold the same truth and belief systems that we had 10 years ago. And that applies to the people in our lives too. Can we recognize and understand with compassion that their truths may have changed?  Can we look at ourselves and other people from a changing perspective and not hold any of us to a rigid system where flexibility and growth are not allowed?

Our personal truths serve us in the moment. We are all allowed to change our personal truths and belief systems. Let’s let go of the past and honor the present in ourselves and those around us. In my belief system this is the way forward. And I will hold that truth.


Cathy Moran has been a student of metaphysics since she was very young. She has a B.A. in Psychology, is Reiki II Certified, a Certified Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation, and a Certified LightMaster with the Espavo Corporation. She enjoys painting, writing poetry and is currently working on a book about the esoteric nature of trees.  She has worked at The Bag Lady since 2015.