Spiritual Tools

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  • By Cathy Moran
Spiritual Tools

How to approach using the tools you purchase for your spiritual journey

Spiritual Tools 


Some people come into The Bag Lady and one of the first things they might ask is, “What’s this?” as they glance around and take in the many things that the store holds. 


What is this? Our particular store has many different tools to help people on their spiritual path. We have a Wiccan/Pagan section. We have a Buddhist section. We have an angel section. We have a shaman section. We have a kids' section. We have a self-help section. We have crystals, incense, candles, and jewelry. We have a lot of “things” that we call tools designed to help you on your path, whatever your particular path might be. There are many paths and they are as unique and varied as the individuals who walk them.  


No matter what your particular path is, we all have one thing in common. We are ALL spirits having a human experience. So, what is spirituality? Our spirits are perfect. It is our humanness that is not. To me spirituality is the process of connecting to ourselves, to that higher part of ourselves that IS perfect and is there to serve as our guide through our life journey. It is a process of working through our humanness to gain more awareness and insight. The tools help. But they are just that – tools. It is up to every one of us to work on developing our own awareness and insight. The more we develop, the more we are able to come in to balance, harmony, and connection with everything around us.  


There have been instances when customers have come to the store and asked for a refund because the positive energy or protection candle or whatever tool they purchased is not working for them. The reason it isn’t working is because they are relying on a tool, on something that exists OUTSIDE of them to change their world. If only it were that simple. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. You transform your outer world by transforming your inner world.  


Tools can inspire and help us to create what we want to manifest in our lives. So how do you use a tool? Let’s start with what you want to create. Do you want more money in your life? Who doesn’t want that, right? So you purchase a money candle. Does that mean you are going to wake up tomorrow with more money? Maybe – but probably not. Why? Because you haven’t done the internal work. You bought the tool.  


The first thing you need to do is examine your belief systems around self-worth and “lack.” Are you looking at the world in terms of lack? Are you saying things like, “I don’t have,” “I don’t have enough of…” “If only I had…”, “Money has always been an issue...” By saying these things and other statements like them, you are telling the Universe – you don’t have, and the Universe will ALWAYS give you what you want. So begin by examining your belief systems and what you are saying to the universe. By contrast, do you celebrate and give thanks and gratitude when you pay your monthly bills? Maybe you could light a gratitude candle as you pay them – to serve as a reminder. Do you smile and give thanks if you happen to find a dime or if someone gives you an unexpected gift? This might seem small, but you have now thanked the Universe for what you have been given and by doing so, you are inviting more to flow into your life. The Universe loves you and wants to give you what you want. You also give thanks when you share your abundance. Do you have an extra something that you give to someone else who might need it? You are telling the Universe you are abundant and that also opens up an abundant flow. Do you have a little extra money this month that you could give to help someone who has less? The gift belongs to the giver, because again, it opens up the flow.  


There is something else to think about here. There is money and there is abundance. And they are not the same thing. Money is simply a measurement that we use to buy things. Unless you attach an emotion to it, it really is simply currency. It’s a piece of paper or a coin. It’s nothing more or less than that. Abundance, on the other hand, is a feeling of having more than you need. It is a feeling of being full. There is no such thing as lack when you feel abundant. Abundance is our nature. This kind of thinking creates an internal shift so that now we are looking at the world in a different way. We feel full, content, and in our hearts we know we are taken care of and we have enough.  


Once you have changed your perspective, now you can sit down with the money candle (the tool) you just purchased.  Before you light it, don’t just think about the abundance in your life, now I want you to really FEEL it. I want you to feel it in the very center of your heart. How do you feel when you feel abundant? Now go ahead and light that candle. And every time you light the candle feel the feeling and give thanks for the money that you do have. Give gratitude for the moments in your life when you have experienced the flow of money as abundant energy. 


You also need to take action. Action is an important part of the equation. If you need more money coming into your life, then maybe you need to find a job that pays more? If so, then begin sending out your resume, or job applications. Find some practical action you can take that will assist you. 


I am not promising you anything. But I can tell you from experience that if you have done the work and shifted your belief systems and felt and expressed, I mean really put the heartfelt emotion in, and taken action, you will see things start to shift. It requires work and it requires a lot of self-awareness and diligence. The perspective you shifted needs to become your new belief system and that might mean going back to square one perhaps even on a regular basis – or until that belief system becomes a part of you. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not a race and there is no one you are competing with. You are just learning a new way. The same principle applies to anything you want to create in your life. 


So, use those tools in good faith and you will become richer in more ways than one. 


Cathy Moran has been a student of metaphysics since she was very young. She has a B.A. in Psychology, is Reiki II Certified, a Certified Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation, and a Certified LightMaster with the Espavo Corporation. She enjoys painting, writing poetry and is currently working on a book about the esoteric nature of trees.  She has worked at The Bag Lady since 2015.