Mission Statement

The Bag Lady Mission Statement

The Bag Lady opened in Charlotte over 25 years ago with a mission to operate a WILDLY successful business that: 
  • Celebrates, nurtures and affirms all regardless of age, size, sex, shape, color, astrological sign, or economic status.
  • Welcomes all people of any sexual, religious or political preferences. 
  • Is operated mindfully, in a spirit of honesty, creativity, compassion, fairness, flexibility, & fun!
  • Conducts business in an environmentally & socially responsible manner.
  • Matronizes vendors who are woman owned and/or operated.
  • Maintains a strong commitment to giving back to the community.
  • Supports local art, work, causes, and organizations.
  • Serves as a connecting point and supportive exchange for the Charlotte area.
  • Makes a good & fair profit (so we can keep doing what we're doing and keep getting better at it).
  • Aggressively promotes hilarity, serendipity, random enchantment & unmitigated joy!​​
Two-plus decades later we are as committed as ever to this mission and to seeing women take their place in the world, which bring us to our name. 

Why are we called The Bag Lady? 
We get asked this question a lot. Why name a business after an image long associated with women's dysfunction, powerlessness and poverty?  
In our context, "Bag Lady" is redefined and reclaimed as a strong resourceful woman who travels lightly & carries with her what she needs: her favorite books, her power objects, things to beautify her surroundings, or make her feel pampered.  
She is a woman who is not afraid to take risks, who stands her ground, who relies on her inner strengths (intuition, intention, wit, creativity, & compassion) to travel within herself and out in the world.  
She is a maiden, a mother, a crone.  She is a WILD WOMAN.  (And no, we are not a handbag store, believe it or not.)