Getting an Intuitive Reading

The Bag Lady aspires to provide a safe place for your spiritual endeavors.  We provide a space for readers to practice their craft. The Bag Lady's responsibilities surrounding this are limited to providing the space for readers and practitioners. Pricing is set by the reader and is subject to change at the reader's discretion.  The Bag Lady has no control over the pricing of services, and payment is accepted by the practitioner, not The Bag Lady. The Bag Lady also asserts that readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not medical or psychological services.  

Please note that all readings and events, once the service has been provided, are NON-REFUNDABLE.

To book a session, click here and find the the individual reader's name under Getting An Intuitive Reading. There you will find their prices, days available and scheduling link. 


Getting an Intuitive Reading:  An Introduction


Getting a reading from an intuitive can be a powerful tool to help you receive messages that speak to issues in your life. 

The Bag Lady commits to providing readers who are positive, who work from the light, and who have a deep desire to help you on your path. 

Given that a reading is an energetic exchange between you and the reader, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Intuitive Readers tap into Spirit, Guides, Angels and the energy of your Higher Self to gain information to help you.  The information you get may be what you need to hear, what your guides want you to hear, and not necessarily what you want to hear.  The point is to help you grow and learn so that you can live your life with maximum love, joy, and peace.  


  • Intuitive Readers pick up on where you are in this moment.  You have complete Free Will in regards to how your life turns out.  You may decide to act on certain information given in a reading and thus, manifest an outcome.  Or, you may decide not to act on certain guidance offered by the reader.  Of course, this will manifest a different outcome.  


  • You are in charge.  You need to do the work to manifest change.  You are in creative control.  You are responsible for your life.


  • Intuitive Readers will present you with choices on how to handle situations.  If you don't hear the choice…be sure to ask.  There are always options to handle and interpret situations that present themselves in the readings.

Intuitive Readers do not judge you for your life situations.  There is no need to be embarrassed about anything in a reading.  The Readers understand we all have issues and problems (themselves included).
If you are searching for healing, remember that Intuitive Readers can be part of a team of people who help you.  They do not replace the advice of your counselor, medical doctor, psychiatrist, parents, or friends.  They offer guidance that should be taken in coordination with all of the other help and guidance you receive.